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Make This Significant Impact on Our Programs & Sites!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

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The Bridge Towers are erected on top of the Tower foundations.

Where the towers are founded on underwater piers, caissons are sunk and any soft bottom is excavated for a foundation. If the bedrock is too deep to be exposed by excavation or the sinking of a caisson, pilings are driven to the bedrock or into overlying hard soil, or a large concrete pad to distribute the weight over less resistant soil may be constructed, first preparing the surface with a bed of compacted gravel. The piers are then extended above water level, where they are capped with pedestal bases for the towers. Where the towers are founded on dry land, deep foundation excavation or pilings are used. The Towers are erected using high-strength reinforced concrete, stonework, or steel. Concrete is used most frequently in modern suspension bridge construction due to the high cost of steel.

Tower Gifts are annual gifts of $500 or more and are probably our most visible gifts. These gifts are most often given as part of the bowl-A-thons. We will have two bowl-a-thons per year. If we sell out each bowl-a-thon for $500 per lane, we will meet our goal. We look to cultivate 80 tower gifts