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Make This Significant Impact on Our Mentor & Workshop Development!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

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Become a Suspension Cable Supporter With Your $135 Annual Gift


The Suspension Cable are the cables suspended between towers, plus vertical suspender cables that carry the weight of the deck below, upon which traffic crosses. This arrangement allows the deck to be level or to arc upward for additional clearance. The suspension cables must be anchored at each end of the bridge, since any load applied to the bridge is transformed into a tension in these main cables. The main cables continue beyond the pillars to deck-level supports, and further continue to connections with anchors in the ground.

Suspender Cable Gifts are an annual gift of $135 or more. These supporters create cornerstone of our development program, as most of our Civil Engineers (Ambassador Program) are Suspender Cable supporters. Though this gift may be a reach for some of our people, we know the impact towards our mission is worth it. Our goal is to culture a minimum of 300 Suspender Gift Supporters. We also aim to cultivate 100 of these supporters into Ambassadors Program (Civil Engineers).